Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer - spoiler alert.

There are actors which I take pleasure in hating and Matthew McConaughey is one of those actors. It is my love for film and my inability to live with the knowledge that I have missed out on a cinema trip which meant that I was in the front row of the semi-comfortable premier seating area to see The Lincoln Lawyer.

PLOT: Mick (Matthew McConaughey) is a defence lawyer who does business with his criminal clientèle, which predominantly consists one biker gang, from the back seat of his chauffeur driven Lincoln. Mick is hired to represent Lewis (Ryan Phillippe) a man accused of violently assaulting a prostitute. Lewis violently assaulted the prostitute. Mick must keep Lewis out of jail or find himself framed for killing his assistant played by William H Macy. William H Macy has long shiny hair. Mick gets Lewis off the hook. Mick gets Lewis arrested for another crime. The justice system prevails unless of course you are an innocent $400.00 an hour prostitute who has just been violently assaulted. END PLOT

I do like a good court room thriller and The Lincoln Lawyer is exactly this. The plot is strong and there were enough twists and turns to keep me totally hooked. The movie of course is nothing new or ground breaking but that matters not.

I hate Matthew McConaughey and I hate all of the boring run of the mill rom-coms in which he has chosen to appear - he is the male equivalent of Jennifer Aniston and is born from spawn so evil even the devil lives in fear.

McConaughey is the reason I was apprehensive about this film. Matthew recently went through life threatening Kate Hudson removal surgery and appears to have recovered exceptionally well. McConaughey puts in a strong performance with a heavy dosage of charm thrown in. I will give him his dues - he does know how to play a lawyer.

Ryan Phillippe plays the spoiled yet dangerous Lewis very well and you would be hard pressed not to like William H Macy and his long shiny hair.

I really liked The Lincoln Lawyer and as much as I hate to admit it - it is because of McConaughey. It wont surprise anyone when I announce that I haven’t read the book but if they make a sequel I wouldn’t be too unhappy.

The Lincoln Lawyer gets an 8/10. McConaughey gets the benefit of the doubt for this one but I am still wary. I hope he sees the positive correlation between keeping his shirt on and making a decent movie


  1. I know what you mean. I get the sense that McConaughey may have been a competent actor as some point, then discovered he didn't need to be. I hope you are right that perhaps he is mending his ways!

  2. Fingers crossed as he was good in The Lincoln Lawyer - it would also make a half decent tv show!

  3. Nice review. I can understand your hatred for McConaughey.

  4. Thank you, my hatred is now thawing!

  5. Cough cough splutter splutter...a movie that McConaughey is good in AND keeps his shirt on!! My god miracles do happen! If only I could now win the lottery!
    I have vaguley heard of this but with McConaughey in it I would have avoided it like the plague, but my interest has been aroused so I may give it a look if it comes across my path.
    Not much doing at my local cinema this week. Can you believe they have Battle L.A and Red Riding Hood starting on the same night and I yet to read anything good about either of them!!!!!! Looks like I'll be seing two duds in a row come Thursday night. Bugger!!

  6. If you can get past the McConaughey factor it is worth a look!

    We skipped Battle L.A as we couldn't fit it in.

    We haven't been blessed with Red Riding Hood yet but I know when it arrives I will be there - loudly complaining but possibly secretly enjoying it.

    We are going to see Unknown tomorrow night and then hopefully The Eagle on Saturday!

  7. My god Unknown was payed here weeks ago!! Funny isn't how each movie has differet release dates around the world!! Stil waiting on Paul for instance.

  8. I think Unknown has been out for a few weeks but it got pushed down our schedule until now.

    It's weird the way release dates work - my two friends are livid that America gets Jane Eyre a good five months before we do!!

  9. Thursday night and you know what that means don't you!!
    They played the trailer to this tonight and the funny thing is I remember that it was played months ago, and yet the movie still hasn't appereared!
    The Adjustment Bureau seems to have missed us which is bizarre because the trailer played for weeks. Strange, very strange.
    Paul starts here in NZ on April 7th so it'll be here in my home town some time after that. The trailers have been playing for about a week so have have a good look at alien butt!!!!!!
    Didn't even realise there was another Jane Eyre re-make!!

  10. We get that occasionally too - trailers play for ages then the movie just disappears and the next we hear of it is a dvd review in Empire!

    The Adjustment Bureau is fun but watching it on dvd wont take too much, if anything, away from it.

    I have been hearing about the Jane Eyre remake for a while now as my friends are huge fans. The trailer is out and it does look good. I think Michael Fassbender will have a very good 2011.

    Not long until you get to see Paul!

  11. I've seen this movie. IT WAS AWESOME!

    he is just so clever and wise and intelligent. gosh!

  12. This film was so much better than expected! It would make a fantastic tv show :-D