Sunday, 24 April 2011

Facebook - 30 Day Film Challenge = Day 11-20

Back by absolutely no demand whatsoever - it is days 11 - 20 of my facebook movie challenge:

Day 11: A Film By Your Favourite Director
Choice: Blade 2 Guillermo del Toro
This isn't his best film by far nor is it even in the top three but it is the last del Toro film I watched so it gets a place on the list. You can see del Toro's influences throughout the film and it looks all the better for it. I haven't watched the first Blade but own Blade Trinity - the drop in quality is not subtle. One of the few times that vampires appeared cool.

Day 12: A Film By Your Least Favourite Director
Choice: Inglourious Basterds - Quentin Tarintino
It does worry me that the vast majority of film lovers are all huge Tarintino fans as it makes me feel as though I have missed the point as I just don't get him. He is a very stylish director I will give him that but this is the only concession I will make. There are some good moments in Inglourious Basterds - the opening sequence is fantastic between Landa and the farmer. The rest is just hammy acting by Brad Pitt and some violence. He is also one of the smuggest egotistical pricks involved in film. Meh.

Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure
Choice - Pathfinder
I have so many guilty pleasures it renders the term guilty pleasure redundant and more likely means I just have bad taste in film.
The Nerdy Trio saw this film in an empty screen and it was one of the most entertaining cinema experiences we have had as a group. This film is so awful it boarders on brilliance. We didn't think it could ever be beaten until we rented the directors cut and our love for it grew. This is probably the only group choice in my list. Pathfinder to this day is the bad/good film we compare all others to. This film will always remind me of how much I love my friends.

Day 14: A Film No One Expected You To Like
Choice: Dirty Dancing
To this day my friends do not believe I have watched this film let alone own the dvd. I don't know why it is so hard for people to believe that I am a Dirty Dancing fan. I love musicals and I do have a soft spot for dance movies so technically Dirty Dancing is my ideal film - not that I would ever admit it.

Day 15: A Film That Depicts Your Life
Choice: Saturday Night Lights
This is one of the more ridiculous days of the challenge and there is no film out there that comes close to depicting my life which is completely run of the mill and mundane. I chose this film as the football are the underdogs which get to the final and ultimately lose. I have a habit of falling at the final hurdle (although this is due to lack of commitment) so this is the only common ground. I am not a lover of sports movies and the only reason I own this one due to a little crush on one of the cast members. This method of buying dvds usually fails (Ala the short lived Ryan Reynolds phase) but this is actually a really good little film.

Day 16: A Film You Used To Love But Now Hate
Choice: Chicago
I used to love this film and would have placed it as my favourite musical. This changed as soon as I saw the stage musical a couple of years ago as it highlighted just how awful Renee Zellweggar's performance was. People who are familiar with my tastes know just how much I hate Renee so the fact that I loved this movie to the extent that I did speaks for itself. The movie hasn't been watched since and isn't likely to be any time soon. Bitch

Day 17: Your Favourite Drama
Choice: The Kite Runner
The Kite Runner and its sister novel A Thousand Splendid Suns are two of my favourite novels both of which had me in tears on several occasions. The film version of The Kite Runner is a fantastic adaptation of an exceptional novel. I hope that a script for Suns is being prepared as I type.

Day 19: Your Favourite Action Film
Choice: Aliens
This should be the template for all good action films. The tag line for this film is "This time it's war" and it is 100% accurate. I love all the bad ass marines and their decent into complete panic. It is also a good film for quotes too - I am working out of the office at the minute and have to take a lift to the third floor (yes I am that lazy) of the building I am based in. Every time I go down the lift I have to fight the urge to hell "I'm on an express elevator to hell! Going down!"
For me Aliens is the best sequel ever made!

Day 20: Your Favourite Love Story
Choice: Atonement
This is the genre I knew I would struggle with - films like The Notebook and Dear John are watchable but for me totally forgettable. Atonement is another story altogether. I absolutely love this movie and have yet to watch it without dissolving into floods of tears which isn't like me at all.
I love the way this film is shot I tend to stay away from the technical side of film when I write my blog as I don't really know too much about it and tend to sound like an idiot.
Atonement has one of my favourite ever movie scenes - the steady cam shot around Dunkirk is just amazing:

I also love the performances - McAvoy, Knightly and Ronan are all amazing and I also love the score which is now on my ipod. This film will considered a classic in years to come.

Days 21-30 to follow....


  1. I must be the worst del Toro fan ever as I didn't know he made a Blade movie!! To be honest I have never bothered with them as I can't stand Wesley Snipes. But he wasn't too bad in U.S Marshals which I watched some weeks ago.
    I really dis-like Keira Knightley too, and was surprised I paticularly liked Atonement. It was a far better movie than I expected.
    I laughed ar your 'back by no demand' comment, good humour!!

  2. The Blade movies and a liking for Demolition Man are the only Snipes movies I think I have seen.

    Blade 2 was watched because of del Toro and a new found love of Norman Reedus (you will get used to my notions and new favourite actors EVER phases)

    Knightley is one of those actresses who should annoy me - she is posher on screen and off screen than the bloody queen but I do think she is a good actress who suits this type of film over a more modern day setting