Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Facebook - 30 Day Film Challenge = Days 1-10

There is no real point to this blog other than to rewrite my facebook choices and attempt to explain them in no depth whatsoever

Day 1: My Favourite film
Choice: Pans Labyrinth
There is nothing that I do not love about this movie - Guillermo del Toro cannot be bettered at creating a fantasy world deep within an everyday or completely non fantasy setting.
It was this movie that made me fall in love with the Spanish language to the extent that I am now taking classes to learn how to speak it. There is something about the lyrical cadence of the language that just hooks me in from start to finish. I actually think that this movie wouldn't work in English.
The acting, the score and the casting are all perfect. I don't think that Pans Labyrinth will ever look or feel dated.

Day 2: Your Least Favourite Film
Choice: Eat, Pray, Love
I did cheat a little in my choice for this film as it is one that I have never nor will ever watch. I appreciate that it is based on a book which will no doubt be better than the film but that matters not.
The trailer of this movie offends me so much - the story of a wealthy middle class woman going off to find herself just pisses me off!
Perhaps it's just jealousy that I can't afford to up sticks and find myself but it doesn't change the fact that this movie is a pile of pretentious bullshit.
This is the only film in my list that I haven't seen or own.

Day 3: A Film You Watch To Feel Good
Choice: Life of Brian

This has got to be one of the best comedies ever made. There are so many quotable lines that you just don't know where to begin! It is hard to find a weak link in the entire film.

Day 4: A Film You Watch To Feel Down
Choice: Titanic

I will admit that there was a sense of desperation with Day4 as I don't watch films in order to cause myself to feel low. I don't necessarily watch a movie to feel entertained either as I am not against a hard hitting drama, for example, I watched The Changling recently and whilst I enjoyed it I wouldn't say I was entertained nor would I ever be inclined to watch it again as I don't believe I would get anything out of a repeat viewing.
The whole love story aside there are some very sad little moments - the third class mother tucking her children in bed as the ship was sinking is just heartbreaking

Day 5: A Film Which Reminds You Of Someone
Choice: Kelly's Heroes

This is one of the most quoted movies in our house as we live in a home full of "negative waves" most of which are mine when I am having a strop. Kelly's Heroes is loved to the extent that we have an Oddball poster stuck pride of place on our fridge where it has hung for years.
The person the film reminds me of is my younger brother Christopher who is also one of my best friends (although I would never admit to it) and it is one of our films we watch on a fairly regular basis together with The Dirty Dozen - although this movie is not particularly quoteable.

Day 6: A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere
Choice: Letters to Juliet
The Nerdy Trio are heading back to Italy in July and this year we are doing Verona and Venice. Our nerdiness is apparent in our title so in Verona we will be doing the complete Romeo and Juliet experience and this film wet the appetite nicely. It isn't the best film in the world but location wise it is stunning.

Day 7: A Film That Reminds You Of Your Past
Choice: Zulu

It doesn't remind me literally of my past as of course I wasn't there (look at me - so witty) but every time this film came on tv when me and Christopher were kids (usually Christmas - so festive) we watched it without fail and ever year we were absolutely terrified. It isn't so scary now and I can appreciate it for the amazing film that it is. It appears that most of the films me and the brother watch together are older war films which isn't a bad thing!

Day 8: A Film You Can Quote The Best
Choice: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
I appreciate that this is an absolutely ridiculous choice but I already chose Life of Brian and The Holy Grail will be used later on down the line but when I stood looking desperately at my dvd collection it hit me that I do know this film a little too well. This is another film from my childhood. If I am ever required to prepare a monologue from a film I think I can to this day recite the "we are brothers Robin" speech with a worrying degree of accuracy thanks to a crush on Christian Slater. Forgive me.

Day 9: A Film With Your Favourite Actor:
Choice: The Quick and The Dead - Leonardo DiCaprio

When the entire world was crying over the death of Jack in Titanic I was as per usual looking the other way and was crying over the death of The Kid!
Young DiCaprio is a pretty face and from behind his blond curtains you can see glimpses of talent. He is of course now one of the best actors today and if forced to pick a best performance I would go with Blood Diamond. Djimon Hounsou should have won best supporting actor for his role as Solomon Vandy and DiCaprio played off his amazing performance and delivered his finest to date.

Day 10: A Film With Your Favourite Actress:
Choice: Fight Club - Helena Bonham-Carter
I absolutely love Helena in every film she makes. The only problem is she is stuck in the Burton/Depp/Elfman trio which I despise. If all Burton/Depp collaberations are quirky and original then none of them are - the success of this partnership is a phenomena of the world I will never understand.
Helena manages to be quirky and slightly off the wall with every role she plays and the fact that she is like this in real life (who else could turn up at an award ceremony with two different coloured shoes on) makes her all the more likeable.

The next ten days are to follow............*crickets*


  1. I'm waiting with anticipation for the next 10 days!

  2. This is as high class as my movie watching gets lol

  3. Putting together a list is already worlds more effort than I could put in!

  4. do not agree with some of your choices heck I do not agree with any lol. But your blog looks interesting Started following