Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sucker Punch

I wasn’t expecting to get to see Sucker Punch as I had pretty much talked myself out of it but the times for showings of Limitless went against us so we ended up seeing going to see a movie that I no longer cared for.

This will be quite a short blog this time around as I don’t like writing my reviews after reading everyone else’s as I tend to sway more towards what I have read as I am incredibly lazy and unoriginal.

PLOT: Baby Doll is sent to an insane asylum by her evil stepfather who has arranged for her to be lobotomised in five days time. Baby Doll meets Rocket, Amber, Blondie and Sweet Pea and together they all plan to escape the asylum using a map, fire, knife, key and a mystery fifth item. On attempting to procure these items the girls are armed with nothing other their imagination. Instead of sneaking around the asylum they are transported into imaginary worlds where they fight dragons, orcs and steam filled Nazis. The evil orderly kills two of the girls in front of the Dr and this is acceptable. The evil orderly forces the Dr’s signature and this is unacceptable. Forgery is worse than double homicide. END PLOT

The plot of Sucker Punch matters not as the dialogue serves only as a means to connect the action sequences. Zack Snyder always manages to make visually appealing movies however this is the first Snyder movie which isn’t an adaptation of a novel or a remake. Sucker Punch was written by Snyder and I think here is were the quality drops as the plot was neither strong nor interesting enough to fill the gaps between the imagination sequences.

The acting was fine - the cast were required to do nothing more than look attractive and to look attractive whilst firing an automatic weapon.

One thing I do like about Snyder is that he can put together a decent soundtrack - Sucker Punch had really good covers of Sweet Dreams and White Rabbit which are now on my I-pod.

I am glad I went to see Sucker Punch as my curiosity has now been satisfied. The imagination scenes were very good and looked fantastic but there just wasn’t enough substance behind them to make the movie in any way memorable.

Sucker Punch gets a 6/10. It is watchable but on too many occasions I found myself wandering into my own imagination which quite frankly was much more entertaining……


  1. I liked the soundtrack to as it drove the action secens along really well. The problem is its lack of substance and it lets the good of the movie down. It is a pity because I do so much want to like it. Unfortunately it falls into the once watched will never be watched again catagory.
    Zack synder is like Peter Jackson. If they aren't making a movie from an original source like Watchmen or 300 for Synder, and Lovely Bones and Lord of the Rings, then they are both out of their depths and their original ideas turn out disappointing movies.
    As we all know CGI alone doesn't make a movie great but a good plot and script will. Substance always beats style.

  2. I agree about Snyder. I have a soft spot for The Frighteners but I agree with you about Peter Jackson which is really disappointing when you think this is the guy that made LOTR

    I think that is why I love Guillermo del Torro so much. He writes the vast majority of his films and he has the imagination to come up with themes which are very fantasy heavy yet work seamlessly within the real world.

    For me he is the perfect example of the complete directing package - writing talent, imagination and the ability to put that on screen.

    If Guillermo had made Sucker Punch I know I would have watched a much stronger film.

    I think Sucker Punch highlights Snyder's failures as a film maker.

  3. Del Toro is my second most favorite film maker behind Taratino. Pan's Labriynth is in my top three favorite films ever. I saw it twice on the same day it was released!! And I seriously love Hellboy!! I have written a kind of from the vault type review on the Golden Army.
    I saw The Frighteners at 10.00pm on Christmas Eve. It was the first screening of it anywhere in the world!! Funny to come out of a theatre on a public holiday two hours later! The staff there were handing out lollipops and merry Christmases as we all walked out.
    You are right as SP does show Synder's limitations as a film maker. He needs to get some good writers into help him then he'd make much beter films. He's got the ability but needs help using it.

  4. I will have a look for your review of Hell Boy to have a nosey.

    This is where our tastes differ as I think Taratino is very overrated. The only time I have ever been impressed is during the opening scene of Inglorious Basterds. The guy just seems consistently smug about his own talent which rubs me up the own way!

    Snyder's next project is Superman which is a franchise that I have never got or particularly liked so I think it will be awhile before I enjoy another Snyder movie

  5. Taratino is smug shit to be sure but I have always liked his technique. I will never forget Kill Bill 1 in the theatre, I'm sure I sat through it slack jawed!
    I must be getting old because I can still very vividly remmeber Chris Reeves first outings!
    Not sure if Snyder is the right man for a Superman movie though.

  6. I have watched bits and pieces of the Kill Bill films but Uma Thurman puts me off watching them in their entirety.

    As I don't get Superman it needed to cast someone or have a director that would peak my interest and although I like Watchmen and the 300 Snyder just doesn't make me care about the reboot at all. It would need to have a convincing trailer!

  7. Quick and to the point, really wish Snyder would have done that with this film. Like you, I enjoy his visual style but his personal material was just bunk.

    I think I was put off more by high expectations than anything else.

  8. I know a lot of people hated this film and I really just don't see why. The previews alone should have made it clear that these things were taking place inside her head. It's not a perfect movie (no such thing), but it's not a complete piece of garbage, either.