Friday, 3 June 2011

Facebook - 30 Day TV Challenge - 11 -20

Interest has quickly waned in this particular challenge. Television isn't my area so I am now just repeating myself but one must finish what one starts.

Day 11:  Least favourite television theme tune
Choice: Coronation Street
I don't watch any soaps.  I would rather blunder through my own mundane existence than spend seven nights of the week watching the never ending stream of 30min dramas which are all set in various parts of England.  The theme tune to Coronation Street just sums the show up.

Day 12: Favourite TV Actor
Choice: Jensen Ackles
There are people who will argue that he is nothing more than a pretty face and  it is an argument which is only half correct.  The guy can act to the extent that he makes his co-star look slightly amateurish at times.  His film credits are quite poor to pretty much non-existent with his career being very teen oriented with Dawsons Creek and Smallville being his other well know roles. It remains to be seen where his career goes after Supernatural, a show which is edging past its sell-by date, although I do hope he is successful.

Day 13: Your Favourite TV Actress
Choice: Allison Janney
This is the first of several appearances of The West Wing in this blog alone.  I have no idea how many times this show will appear on my list!  Allison Janney plays CJ Cregg one of my favourite characters of all time - she is a strong independent lady more than holding her own in a cast full of men.  She has strong scenes than this one but it is a more light hearted moment between CJ and Sam.

Day 14:  All Time Favourite Character
Choice: Daryl Dixon
He is one of the most recent tv characters so perhaps it is a bit premature to elevate Daryl straight to the top of the pile but meh I don't care.  Daryl is an angry, racist, uneducated redneck but Norman Reedus plays him with so much charm that Daryl is now the kicker of asses.  He also blurts out some cracking one liners especially when he is pissed off which is frequent.  
It is interesting that a character who doesn't appear in The Walking Dead comics has been accepted by the fans to the extent that he is the fan favourite and best thing about the entire show.

Day 15:  Favourite Show From Your Childhood
Choice: Maid Marian and her Merry Men
If you were a child of the 90's you would have watched this show.  Robin Hood was a vain idiot and Sherwood Forest was ruled by Marian and her men which included Little Ron and Rabies.  I can't remember much of the show at all but it's theme tune is remembered as one of the greats!

Day 16:  Favourite Hero
Choice: Dean Winchester
It transpires that Supernatural also appears on this list several times too.  It is hard to believe that I have almost fallen out of love with this show.  Season 6 starts next week and after that monstrosity of season five's finale I will give it the benefit of the doubt for at least a few episodes.  Early Supernatural sees Dean at his most heroic self.  In hindsight I probably should have kept Day 16 for Daryl Dixon who is destined to become the reluctant hero of The Walking Dead but I've made my bed and one can hope that either Dean or Daryl will lie in it with me.

Day 17: Favourite TV Villain
Choice:  The Yellow Eyed Demon
It is becoming more apparent that leaving several days between each day in the tv challenge has it's downsides as Supernatural appears more times than it deserves.  I don't watch that much tv and my god this challenge has been hard!
Supernatural used to feature creatures from all walks of mythology but now its villains are attractive demons.  The YED was the first of these demons and its defining moment was possessing John Winchester in the season one finale.

Day 18:  TV Character You Would Want On Your Side In a Fight
Choice: Leo McGarry
As with all characters in The West Wing Leo has his big moments but Leo's "guy in a hole" story upgrades him to the best character of the entire show.   Leo was a phenomenal character who was completely devoted to the President but also not afraid to speak his mind - he looked after his own.  
Honourable mention must of course go to Daryl Dixon as quite frankly if Leo can't talk any enemy of mine around I want Daryl to shoot them in the face with his crossbow.

Day 19:  Character You Would Like To Have Coffee With
Choice:  Niles Crane
I love Frasier and although you can't really fault Kelsey Grammar it was always David Hyde Pierce who stole the show.  Admittedly it did go down hill once Niles and Daphne got together but the first six seasons were absolute genius.  There were so many memorable Niles moments to chose from but I could find the clip I wanted from season one so this one shall have to suffice.

Day 20:  Favourite Adaptation From Film/Comic/Novel
Choice:  The Walking Dead
A tv show about zombies - what is not to love! 
There is nothing I do not like about this show.  I watched The Walking Dead before I read the graphic novels and I am so glad that I did it this way as it means that I love the show on merit and did not go down the road of comparing it to the source material.  The above scene is the best moment of the show so far - Morgan, a relatively minor character, struggles to kill his wife who has already turned and this is interwoven with Rick apologising to the (affectionately known) bicycle girl before killing her.  It's a great scene with a great score in the background.
I have high hopes for this show and now that I know what is coming ie the prison arc it has the potential for some horrifying dramatic moments.  
Fingers are well and truly crossed it keeps the high standard up.

The next ten days will follow eventually depending on my interest levels.  Please prepare to see these shows reused on several more occasions until I finally can put this Challenge to bed.......