Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger (spoilers)

Last weeks episode was simply awful by any standards.  Disinterest in rising and moral is getting low for this particular fan. I may be unsatisfied but I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

PLOT:  After surviving a high speed car crash on a country road Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) regains consciousness just as a Walker squeezes his head through a crack in the windscreen.  Lori dispatches two Walkers in relative style and she is almost forgiven for her “irrational female” decision from last week.  Shane (Jon Bernthal) does rescue her and as predicted Lori is displeased.
Meanwhile back at the bar the stranger danger from last week continues as more unnamed humans roll into town looking for the two guys Rick (Andrew Lincoln) killed last week.  There was a noise coming from the cellar so Rick manned up and sent Glenn (Steven Yeun) to investigate rather than going himself.  Hershel (Scott Wilson) decides it is time to vacate the bar so Rick manned up and sent Glenn to get the car rather than going himself.
Hershel shoots a man whilst saving Glenn then watches helplessly as the poor bastard gets eaten alive. 
Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) continue their silent staring competition with the winner being the one with the most emotional baggage.  This week it is declared a draw.
Dale (Jeffrey De Munn) now has permanently startled eyebrows. 
Andrea (Laurie Holden) has become Shane’s puppy bitch ally and although she is less annoying than she has been her personality still grates on me more than I would like.
Carl (Chandler Riggs) finds out about the baby and wants to call her Sophia.  Carl has not yet asked about the birds and the bees but the first thing he does after awakening from a coma is ask about a dear.
Maggie (Lauren Cohen) is mad at Hershel for drinking, Glenn is mad at Maggie as she loves him, Shane is mad at Rick for being alive.  Tune in to next week to see none of these issues being resolved.  END PLOT

Triggerfinger is a vast improvement on Nebraska.  This isn't a compliment as it would be a fantastic achievement if the episode managed to be even half as bad as the previous one. 

The pacing of The Walking Dead moves as quickly as the bicycle girl from the pilot episode.  In this weeks episode not much happened plot wise and we are not much further on than last week.  What The Walking Dead excels at is character moments and in Triggerfinger we got several important ones.

Hershel's responsibility for a man being eaten to death will undoubtedly weigh on his mind in the forthcoming weeks.  Hopefully Scott Wilson will get a some screen time to let Hershel deal with with his conscience.

Shane’s decent into insanity is beginning to pick up pace and it is pretty safe to assume that he won’t make it to season3.  Andrea summed the character up quite well by stating that he is making the right decisions but going about them the wrong way.  He is making the right decisions up to a point but his stance over Lori and the pregnancy will be his downfall. 

The Rick and Lori marital woes are the least interesting part of the entire saga yet they are destined to run for quite some time yet.  I have just about accepted this although I am not happy about it.

Glenn decided that his hiding like a coward during the gun fight was Maggie’s fault.  Glenn knew Maggie would be upset if he got shot and died and this meant he could not participate in the melee. Steven Yeun is fine as an actor but I hate Glenn.  My love of Lauren Cohen as Maggie grows more with each passing week. This is the opposite to their comic counterparts.

Triggerfinger implied action and action is what we got.  We are now entering dangerous territory wherein the notion of killing humans is becoming as essential as killing Walkers.  The line defining what is acceptable in order to survive has always been smudged in The Walking Dead universe and if the show has the capability to develop this notion then this could be the turning point we have all been waiting for.

The Walker prosthetics have always been impressive however in Triggerfinger we got some wonderfully graphic close-ups on that poor random extra being eaten alive.  It was as welcome as it was gross.  Newcomer Randall’s pending leg amputation mirrors the comic to a certain extent and although I am somewhat relieved that it happened off screen it will be interesting to see what becomes of this character.  I am thinking that Randall might tie in with Jenner’s big secret.

The Walking Dead has proved with episodes like Secrets and the never to be watched again Nebraska that when it is poor it is simply awful.  The show slips from drama to melodrama to often which means it has to start building momentum all over again.  My patience for this is slowly waning but after Triggerfinger I am again willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Again.

After Nebraska the only way was up and Triggerfinger again highlights that The Walking Dead has so much potential.  It remains to be seen whether or not it ever fulfils it.  Triggerfinger gets a 7/10

Performance of the week: Lauren Cohen (although no one stood out)
Annoying character of the week:  Lori
Zombie kill of the week: Lori


  1. I'm still gonna watch it till the end :D

    1. I complain but I know I will probably stick it out until the death too!

      Thanks for reading.

      K :-)

  2. I feel pretty much the same way. We were promised by the writers that things would finally pick up the second half of the season and they are not. There were certain scenes/moments that were great in the last couple of episodes, but overall I was fairly disappointed. Ill stick it out though and hope that it keeps improving!! *fingers crossed*

    1. I agree with you - we seem to be constantly waiting for all the big things we have been promised with season 2!

      My fingers are crossed too lol

      Thank you for reading!

      K :-D

  3. You could actually watch people’s hair grow on the show watching this season for the first 7 episodes, if you ask me anything above the speed of a flaming turtle is good. Waiting is something we should all be used to with this show though, after the first very short season of 6 episodes we had to wait over a year I think, and then 7 slow episodes where yes it was very character driven as you get to know the group, except T-Dogg other then he is not to be given any keys at any time. But really that pace would have killed a show that didn’t have the promise of being a good zombie apocalypse show which of course is what keeps us all watching. I even get calls when I am working at DISH from subscribers that will want me to fix the show, apparently I make the shows, not just show them. You know people are getting mad when they are calling their provider to tell them to fix the show that is kind of like screaming at the movie for the lady not to go into the dark room with no flashlight. I am stuck on this show though, even though it has made me mad, I even watched Trigger finger again this morning on AMC’s page on DISH online so I would make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

    1. I am stuck on it two - I don't mind the slow pace of the show but I love the comics so it's the poor ones that get to me the most!

      The promise of zombies will always suck me in!

      Thank you for reading
      K :-)

  4. It was boring last wee, but this week's was great. Overall though I feel like the series is going downhill. It's sad...they need to move the story forward just a bit faster than this.

    1. Triggerfinger was a great improvement on Nebraska!

      Hopefully the last few episodes of the season wont disappoint

      Thanks for reading!
      K :-)