Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Good The Bad The Weird

I’ve watched The Good The Bad The Weird on several occasions and it is not a new addition to my dvd collection but it is only now that I feel the need to watch it with a view to reviewing it. 

PLOT:  After The Weird (Song Kang-ho) finds a treasure map he is pursed by The Bad (Byung-hun Lee) who in turn is being pursed by The Good (Jung Woo-sung).  The chase becomes complicated as Manchurian bandits and the Japanese Army have heard of the map and want the treasure for themselves.  After a frantic chase across the desert a Mexican Stand-off occurs between The Good, The Bad and The Weird with the sole survivor winning the treasure.  END PLOT

The plot follows the beats of a “chase the McGuffin” escapade and there is never any doubt that it would culminate in a showdown between the three leads.  Although the story doesn’t offer anything new it is great fun to watch the chaos unfold.

The tone is quirky and fun and although there is a fair amount of violence it is usually handled in a darkly comedic manner – The Bad’s exasperation at trying to decapitate a prisoner with a blunt knife is more comical that you would expect.

The action is that of a full on shoot-em-up with guns blazing noisily and frequently from all sides.  The main set piece is a lengthy chase across the desert in which the three main leads plus the Manchurian bandits and the Japanese army take part.  It is a brilliantly fun romp although it almost becomes too frantic for its own good as it was hard to keep up with who was shooting at who during any given scene.

Jee-woon Kim has directed a very stylish film although he was skirting along the lines of showing off with some of his bigger shots. 

Song Kang-ho, Byung-hun Lee and Jung Woo-sung are all great in their respective roles as The Good The Bad and The Weird and they make each character memorable in their own right.  I will be honest and admit that I was routing for The Bad throughout the film (shocker) as let’s face it – he was badass and also sported a ridiculously exciting and none emo based haircut.

 The sexiest person in GI: Joe until the world decided Channing Tatum was cool

The most surprising aspect of the entire film was the score – it had real Spanish flavour to it rather than an Eastern feel.  It was jaunty and frantic but it suited the film perfectly.

I have found that subtitles can be hit or miss but for a film set in the 1930’s The Good The Bad The Weird opted for a modern use of language and at times text speak like “cuz” and “ya” crept in. 

The Good The Bad The Weird is great popcorn entertainment but it too long to be a go to 90min flick and too complex for background viewing.  Like me, if you haven’t viewed it in a while and are inclined to blow the dust of the cover and watch it again, it is always great fun.  It gets an 8/10.

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