Friday, 5 April 2013

Finding Nemo

The cynical part of me wants to hate Walt Disney for regularly re-releasing its back catalogue but no matter how hard I try and I just can’t.  I have too much affection for all things Disney to think ill of their money grabbing antics.
It is now Finding Nemo’s turn for a 3D conversion and although I was looking forward to seeing it again on the big screen it isn’t a film I would class as a favourite.
PLOT:  After his son Nemo is caught by a diver, Marlin (Albert Brooks) sets off on a long and dangerous journey to Australia to rescue him.  Along the way Marlin meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) a forgetful but friendly fish who offers to help him in his quest.  END PLOT
With dead mothers, overbearing fathers, physically impaired children and retarded sidekicks the plot of Finding Nemo could have played out like an after school special – luckily for us all Pixar handles the themes with ease and they never stray into cheesy territory.
The story of Finding Nemo is genuinely sweet but is made stronger by the fantastic characters.  Marlin and Dory are a great double team with Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres voice work being top class.
Geoffrey Rush, Willem Dafoe and the always magnificent Allison Janney provide very capable support.  All of the characters serve a purpose and they serve it well – there are no weak links in the entire film.
Pixar have consistently raised the bar with their animation and Finding Nemo still looks gorgeous.  It is easy to lose yourself in the colours and just allow the film to wash over you – it is easily one of Pixar’s most visually stunning offerings.
Unfortunately Finding Nemo has fallen victim to the 3D craze and to be perfectly honest it is one of the worst conversions I have seen.  3D is generally added to give greater depth to the animation – Finding Nemo is the one film that didn’t require this.  I cannot look past poor 3D, especially 3D conversions, when I have been left with no option but to pay for the supposed pleasure.  I expect better from Disney.
Finding Nemo is a fantastic film which I thoroughly enjoy every time I watch it.  The problem is I have now seen the film in the cinema more times than I have watched it at home.  It was definitely worth seeing for nostalgia’s sake but Finding Nemo just doesn’t rank as one as Disney/Pixar’s all-time greats.  It gets an 8/10.


  1. Really enjoy the film but sounds like another cash grab on the 3D front. A shame I really thought it would look great in 3D, at least it's an excellent movie.

    1. The film still looked gorgeous but the 3D was such a let down.

      It was good to see it again - would easily take another run at the Toy Story films in the cinema again

      K :-)