Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dead Souls

I will generally pay whatever I need to in order to see a film in the cinema but when it comes to DVD’s I am becoming a real Bargain-Bin-Betty.  I just can’t help myself when it comes to random horror films.  Normally I would rely on the recommendations of others but yesterday I stumbled upon Dead Souls. 
The cover was pretty.  The price was cheap.  The DVD was purchased. 
PLOT:  After turning eighteen Johnny (Jesse James) discovers that he is adopted and that his birth father has left him the old family home.  Johnny visits the property and discovers the truth behind the death of his family.  END PLOT
As far as straight to DVD plotlines go Dead Souls isn’t too bad up until the final act.  I almost choked on my own scorn after the reveal of the mythology – Jesus tapped into the Egyptian God Osiris in order to rise from the dead.  The stupidity deserves a few moments to linger but we must press on.
The opening sequence is fairly dark but once we jump forward eighteen years Dead Souls doesn’t gain any momentum.  The film almost seems to skip a beat before an ominous shadow appears or the kitchen door starts to creak.  There is next no tension and the even the clichéd jumps miss the mark. 
Jesse James looks like Robert Pattinson’s kid brother and is just as talented.  James has no problem carrying the film but he isn’t capable of rising above a “paint by numbers” film. 
Magda Apanowicz is a pretty young actress and I am sure she is a much better than Dead Souls would have me believe. 
The young actors tried their best but the characters of Johnny and Emma (Apanowicz) were so poorly written they were always going to be fighting a losing battle.
The old farmhouse set looked appropriately old and creepy but like the rest of the film it felt too familiar – even the sinister violin score had a sense of déjà vu to it.
Dead Souls isn’t a good movie but I would be lying if I said that I was bored or looking at the clock while I was watching it.  It passed 90mins.  It gets 3.5/10.

I admit that if the DVD had this cover I wouldn't have bought it.  There is a life lesson in there somewhere.


  1. I remember when I was a kid, I'd rent movies I hadn't heard of soley based on the covers. It worked out sometimes but usually not.

    I've started to do that with the Netflix Streaming service, it usually doesn't work out. At least you have company ;-)

    Magda Apanowicz was on the BSG Prequel Caprica which I watched and she was rather forgettable there too.

    1. The dvd cover was pretty so I thought the film would be too. Alas it wasn't to be. It killed 90mins easily enough

      I am still avoiding Netflix. There is something about it that just doesn't appeal

      The cast were all unfamiliar to me. I am not sure if familiar faces would have faired any better

      K :-)

  2. Wow, a horror film that you have seen, but I haven't! Pretty amazing! :D

    Saw a trailer for this a few weeks ago, didn't impress me. Still, I'd watch this. Looks and sounds decent enough to waste 90 minutes.

    btw, I'm also a massive fan of bargain-bins and omg, I LOVE that you call yourself "Bargain Bin Betty". Sounds like one of the garbage pail kids :D

    What bargain-bin name would you give me?

    1. I am not trying to out horror you lol! The dvd caught my eye when I was food shopping yesterday. It wasn't just a bargain bin it was a supermarket bargain bin.

      I can imagine you sitting surrounded by DVDs that you refuse to throw out so I will christen you Hordes-alot-Henry. :-)

      It wasted 90mins very well. It's not a bad film but it is just bland

    2. Try! I'd love some competition =)

      Haha, this is brilliant!
      "Hordes-alot-Henry and Bargain-Bin-Betty sitting in the tree,
      watching and hoarding tons of DVD" :-D

    3. I read that in your accent! Lol

      That's one impressive tree we have got ourselves!

      I think you win the horror battle. I dipped my toe in the water and chose a DVD for myself and it was poor!

  3. This kinda sounds like Demon Wind, a much better horror film (which I definitely recommend!).

    1. Haven't heard of Demon Wind - will have to have a nosey for it!

      K :-)