Wednesday, 28 August 2013

IMDB number 3: The Godfather: Part 2

I have never had more than a fleeting dalliance with commitment.  My attempt to work my way through the IMDB top250 films was always a little ambitious as I never really believed that I could stick with it until the end.  I did think I would get further than number3 on the list though.
Perhaps I am being a little harsh on myself; I gave The Godfather: Part 2 1hour 54mins of my time before I thought “nope” and turned the dvd off.  I promise you all I tried.
I am only writing a few short paragraphs for my own blog to show that I didn’t skip out number3 on the list.  What I lack in commitment I make up for in a desire for order.  I will lose sleep if there are any gaps in the list.
The Godfather: Part 2 started off well and I honestly thought I would enjoy this film more than The Godfather.  I really liked the opening section – the interplaying scenes of a big Corelone family event and Michael discussing business. It was a nice, but not subtle, parallel to Don Corelone in opening of The Godfather.
Marlon Brando and Robert Di Niro have both won Oscars for their portrayal of Don Corelone and I don’t have anything negative to say about their performances.  I viewed the Godfather as Michael Corelone’s story which meant that I really didn’t care about the flashbacks to Don Corelone’s younger days.  I think this is when my interest in the film began to wane. 
I understand that the flashbacks are accurate in terms of Mario Puzo’s book.  It simply transpired that I didn’t care enough to watch them.
Al Pacino is excellent as Michael Corelone and there is a part of me that wishes I had availed of the scene selection option and followed his story arc to the end. 
To society, The Godfather: Part 2 is the greatest film ever made.  To me, it’s the greatest film I will never finish.  Typical.


  1. It is a little surprising to hear that you didn't finish it, although I can't blame you, those movies are LONG. I will still probably watch Part 2 after I watch the first one, or at least, try to watch it.


    1. I didn't finish it because it was a bad film, I just couldn't get in to it and there was still a good 90mins to go!

      I'm annoyed at myself but I just couldn't sit until the end......maybe another time


  2. Like the first film, I watched this mostly from hearing so much about them. I enjoyed them but can't say I'd all call them my favorite films or have a desire to rewatch them.

    1. In hindsight I probably should have finished it but my gut reaction was to turn it off!

      I will give it another go later on down the line

      K :-)