Sunday, 29 March 2015


I knew nothing about Home but my love of How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians meant that I was confident that the latest film Dreamworks Animation would not disappoint.   This theory was quickly disproved.
PLOT:  After the Boov invade earth a reject Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons) teams up with Tip (Rhianna) to save earth from the imminent invasion of a Gorg.  Life long friendships are made, there is personal growth and we are patronised about the true meaning of home.  END PLOT
Unfortunately for everyone over the age of three the plot had nothing to offer the more mature cinema goer.  The messages about the true meaning of friendship were so sweet my teeth started to erode right there in the cinema.  There was nothing clever about the script and to make it all the more offensive it tried to hide its failings by throwing colourful chaos at the screen. 
I have no interest in Jim Parsons as I cannot for the life of me understand the hype surrounding The Big Bang Theory.  I judge America for watching it instead of Community.  I can't fault Parsons too much for his voice work but it was completely hampered as Oh spoke like a sugared up Yoda which grew tiresome very quickly.  It was Rhianna who surprised me the most as she brought some spirit to Tip and can hold her head up high. 
The only problem I have with Rhianna being involved is that she was almost solely responsible for the soundtrack.  Having Rhianna tunes blaring in my face for 90mins is not how I wish to spend my time.  The beautiful score from How to Train Your Dragon felt like a distant memory and I feel like I witnessed Dreamworks selling their soul. 
I don’t think Steve Martin has been relevant to the cinema going masses for quite some time and Home isn’t going to change that as he was saddled with the worst written character.  Captain Smek was supposed to be the comic relief but almost all of the humour fell flat.  Unfortunately hitting someone over the head with a stick is no longer considered comedy.
The only thing that Dreamworks got correct was the gorgeous animation.  Home looked like a high budget production from a major studio but unfortunately it skimped on everything else.  The argument that I was not the target audience won't wash as the high quality of recent animated films and their ability to enchant all ages is well documented.
Home has made me so angry as it is the first animated film that has made me feel like a fucking adult.  I will forever hate it because of this.  It gets a generous 2/10.


  1. A real shame, sounds like a money grab type film, lazy but sure to grab all the kid's parents money. Side note, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get the The Big Bang Theory fandom, I've watched a few minutes at the gym and it was one of the most grating things I've watched.....

    1. It was awful! One of the worst films I've seen in a while and it was almost more annoying than Madagascar 3 which was just plain weird!

      Skip it and see something else!

      The BBT irritates me even though I've never caught more than a few minutes of it at a time

      K :-)

  2. The only reason to watch this would be the lovely kitty ^^

    1. Don't do it man!! Live in ignorance, it isn't worth it!!!

      K ;-)