Monday, 13 June 2011

Six Ways To Sunday

 It is only Monday but I already know that the chances of me making it to the cinema at the weekend are slim so I am stuck for something to blog about.  For reasons unknown to myself I don’t tend to review dvds but I am in the middle of my own self-created Norman Reedus phase so why the hell not?

Tonight’s dvd of choice was Six Ways To Sunday.  Tomorrow nights dvd choice depends on the Royal Mail and it's casual postal system.

PLOT:  Harry (Norman Reedus) lives with his overbearing mother (Debbie Harry) in Run-Down-USA.  He along with his friend Arnie (Adrian Brody) are hired by the mob in order to collect debts.  Harry discovers a hidden talent for killing and quickly makes his way up the employment ladder.  Harry falls for his Iris.  Harry’s mum isn’t happy.  There is an awkward meet the parents dinner.  There are bloody murders.  There is incest.  There is suicide. There is a wonderfully twisted and dark happy ending. END PLOT

I have to admit that I knew little about Six Ways To Sunday other than what I read on its IMDB page and that it starred Norman Reedus and this, quite frankly, is the sole reason I bought the film.

Where to start with the plot? It’s your typical coming of age story of a slightly crazy hitman with a manipulative mother.  The story had the potential to be ridiculous but it worked because at the core of Six Ways To Sunday is really dark and twister humour along the lines of Very Bad Things and The Cable Guy (two films I really like).
Norman Reedus manages to play Harry with such naivety that Harry boarders on being a likeable simpleton but at the same time you wouldn’t dare piss him off as there are flashes of dangerous anger (note - don’t say anything about his mother).

Debbie Harry is great as Kate Odum, Harry’s mother.  There are some fantastic moments between the two - the sex talk is uncomfortable to watch and I loved her constant manipulation of Harry in order to get him to stay with her and split up with his new girlfriend Iris.

Adrian Brody appeared to be channelling Ali-G about two years before that character was created but he was also fine.

Six Ways To Sunday will not be to everyone’s taste.  I have always liked dark humour so I knew I would have no problems with the content.  It transpired that I liked the film a lot more than expected. I thought my blog would be full of fangirly Norman Reedus gushing in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that Six Ways is a bad movie but I don’t need to go down this road as after only one viewing I know tonight's is going to be the first of many. 

On its first viewing Six Ways To Sunday gets an 8/10 but I know the film needs to be rewatched to fully appreciate it although next time I will NOT be watching it with my mother. Christ……..


  1. Ok then Karina...I think you pretty much nailed it in the first paragraph...interesting how they threw the controlling mother into the the meet the parents comment. I like the way you weave your own humor into your review...sorry you are not going to make it to the movies...

  2. Sounds like I would enjoy this film, I like that kind of humor, will have to see if I can find a copy of it at some point.

  3. Ravenmyth: I try to put my humour into my blogs - more often than not it doesn't work. I think the shorter my blogs the better but I am a rambler! Thanks for reading!

    Daniel: I thought you had seen this one after you chose it - unless you just couldn't bear more Boondock Saints gushing (although that is coming sooner rather than later so get prepared). I hope you like it though as it has this weird oddball charm about it!

  4. I do feel like a right tit for using the phrase oddball charm.......ugh