Saturday, 11 July 2015

Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike popped up a couple of years ago and the world watched on in shock and alarm as Channing Tatum suddenly became a big Box Office draw.  As I had been a fan of Tatums since Step Up I sat back with smug satisfaction and enjoyed the ride.  I remember seeing Magic Mike in the cinema and according to my review of the film I enjoyed it immensely.  The sequel was unnecessary but inevitable and I was quite content to ignore the build-up as I had already decided to see it.
PLOT:  Mike (Channing Tatum) has left the world of stripping and is the proud CEO of a failing furniture business.  Mike decides to abandon his struggling enterprise and join the guys for one last ride (their phrasing, not mine). The gang do a quick detour to collect the black characters and another to offer advice to menopausal women before heading to a major stripping convention where they have the opportunity to earn dozens of dollars by gyrating rhythmically along to R&B music.  END PLOT
The plot of Magic Mike XXL should have been a few scenes of dialogue intercut with many stripping and dance montages.  Unfortunately this is not what we got.  The scenes with the boys bantering were great fun with Joe Manganiello stealing the show but the film fell flat on several occasions due to unnecessary diversions.  The entire section with Andie MacDowell was a waste of time and only served to highlight just how desperate the filmmakers were to shoehorn a love interest for Mike into the movie.  Amber Heard is not an interesting actress and the character of Zoe added nothing to the film.
There is no denying that Channing Tatum can dance and his final routine was great fun to watch.  The rest of the cast are not natural dancers but their routines took this into account and were all entertaining in their own individual ways.  It’s disappointing that we had to wait until the final 10minutes of a 1hour 55minute film to get what we paid for. 
Channing Tatum is fine as Mike and returning cast members Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello get more screen time but there were sections of the film where they were pushed to the side in favour of the boring subplots.  Magic Mike XXL should have been 90mins of pure enjoyable nonsense and although I politely applaud the attempt to flesh out the subplots, they weren’t necessary and only served to hinder the film.   
Magic Mike XXL is a mixed bag and although there were some moments that were great fun the pacing was off and I felt bored too many times.  It gets 6/10.  Magic Mike XXL is ticked off the list of films to see this summer but it will be forgotten very quickly.  However, I am now off to watch Community and enjoy the wonderful Donald Glover in brand new ways.
Troy.  Making ends meat to pay for a plane ticket back to Greendale.  After escaping the pirates.


  1. Reviews have been kind of all over the place on this one. First one was actually a solid piece of filmmaking but one sounds less so....

    1. This one was far too choppy and the love story between Mike and Amber Heard's character was awful.

      It's worth a look on Netflix but that's about it! Channing Tatum is as consistent as ever - take that how you will!!

      K :-)