Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Bridge - An Odyssey Of Epic Proportions - Or How We Got Lost On the Way To The Cinema - The Bridge between Act 1 and Act 2

The car it floated through the night
With land never appearing in sight
The girls were singing songs to see them through
Until their arrival at Act 2.

Then something happened which almost cost them dear
When Emma piped up “can you guys hear?”
The girls they listened and agreed they could
Ignore the song they really should

But Karina turned the car towards the voice
(It really was the obvious choice)
The voices sang a song so sweet
The men the girls were dying to meet

“Look there’s land! We are going to make it!”
The girls could see the men were quite naked.
Being enticed in by their song
The gang couldn’t see that something was wrong.

They drove on past the sunken ships
Of girls gone past on previous trips
Who also heard the naked men sing
And lost their lives to marvel at such a thing

“Quickly” cried Sarah “How do I look?”
“Like you’ve just murdered an angry midget”
Said Kara who was beginning to fidget
“You had your chance in the last Act
These men are ours and that’s a fact”

“I am now officially single
And have as much right as you guys to mingle”
The men’s voices began to sound quite manic
And Karina tried hard to hide her panic

“What’s the hold up with the parking?”
The other three couldn’t help in remarking
“I am having some trouble in finding a space
There are other ships abandoned all over the place”

“Seriously this is just our luck
To lose out on the men because your parking sucks”
“Its not my fault I am really trying”
The girls in their bickering didn’t notice
The ghosts of the other girls were crying
Trying to warn them they were moments from dying

The men's voices sang much stronger
As the parking was taking a lot longer
Than girl or ghost or man could bear
“Look there’s one right over there”

Cried Emma stretching out her finger
“Meh” said Karina still appearing to linger
“I might have to reverse into that one
And that is not something that can be done

Reversing isn’t my strong point you know”
The men they began to glow
Red with anger as things were moving to slow
“For god sake you really are useless”
Cried Emma who knew complaining was fruitless

As now it was decided that they couldn’t get parked
There would be no chance now to disembark
And party with the singing naked men
The possibility was over there and then

“Okay we might as well move along”
The men continued with their song
Desperate for some girls to eat
But they knew in their hearts they missed out on the treat

“Good bye pretty men” wave a forlorn Sarah
“Karina I wont forget you cost me a man”
“I promise you I will park as soon as I can”

“Never mind the men have gone
And taken their naked bodies and song”
“I swear I will make it up to you
Hey look there is an island it must be Act 2”

Act 1
Act 2 


  1. Karina - this is so intriguing!!! Can't wait to see what happens next - I will have to be reborn a 100 times before I can tell a story in rhymes the way you do ...

  2. Greatness! You're terrible parking skills saved your life! :-))

  3. Thank you!

    I am not good at poetry so the only way I can write it is to make it rhyme.

    My inability to park my car is infamous lol!

  4. i hope your parking skill do not improve or you might park you pen to that end keep driving your pen. we will tell when to stop. good poem reminded me of ill-clad-lads of homer time. lol

  5. Another good little ditty! How long would you spend on writing something like that?

  6. Thank you!! It took a Sunday afternoon with one eye in front of the tv

    I am not that dedicated lol